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Anonymous Access

what is anonymous access?
Anonymous Access is your device signature remembered by Infeeds that you can use to sign into a separate account other than your personal, to vote, comment and share anonymously through-out the network.

why people use anonymous access?
Good, it actually feels good to share something you want to share but can't, commment but can't, vote but can't. Its a symbol of doing what you want to without revealing your identity. Amazing, isn't it, feels independent?!

can i use it anywhere else?
For real, possibly your friend will be using your once used anonymous account because it is not attached with some device or user, it switches between devices and accounts but don't worry your once created anonymous account will not get out of your city, but still can be used by random people from millions.

what if i'm already using my personal account signature?
You just have to switch your account to anonymous account from options and your signature will become the secondry option for switching and you can toggle anytime.

is this safe?
Infeeds Anonymous Account shares a single profile with all anonymous accessed accounts so there is no leak for personal information but a single anonymous powered profile designed by infeeds.

cannot read? change image
with great powers, comes great responsibility. So by clicking on the above button you agree to the terms: to not harm any person or animal from now, use of humor for others wellness but no bullying(we're really strict on this one) and keep others anonymity alive.